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Nellie's Ltd
Masataka Koreeda, Chief Executive
Contact Details
Kenkyusha Fujimi Bldg. 3F, 2-11-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071
Tel: 03-5275-6761
Fax: 03-3556-7326
Email: consult@nellies.jp

About us

Nellie's Group, Ltd., operator of Nellie's English Books, is an importer and distributor of various overseas ELT (English Language Teaching) materials. In addition to ELT, Nellie's carries a range of products including picture books and educational toys.


1989 August
Nellie's Group, Ltd. is formed
1994 October
Nellie's publishes its first ELT (English Language Teaching) catalogue
1998 February
Nellie's publishes its first Children's catalogue (featuring picture books, educational materials, etc.)
1999 May
Nellie's Online, Nellie's website, is launched
2000 August
Nellie's Online Bookstore is launched
2000 October
Nellie's opens its Kansai Sales Office
2001 November
Nellie's holds its first Workshop and Book Fairs in Tokyo and Osaka Nellie's moves its head office to Asakusabashi
2001 December
Nellie's opens a bookstore in the Asakusabashi office and begins to hold monthly workshops
2002 October
Nellie's holds its second workshop series in 6 major cities throughout Japan
2003 December
Nellie's Group merges with The English Resource; the English Resource Sagamihara office is renamed the Nellie's Kanagawa Sales Office
2006 February
The Osaka bookstore is opened at the Kansai Sales Office
2006 November
Nellie's Group acquires Independent Publishers International and begins wholesale business through its Trade Sales Division.
2007 August
Nellie's Group merges its Kanagawa Sales Office with the Tokyo head office and establishes the second sales division.
2011 April
In a change of name Nellie's Group, Ltd. becomes Nellie's Ltd. ?@?@?@?@?@?@
2011 September
The Tokyo Head Office building ?@?@?@?@?@?@
2015 November
Nellies's becomes a group company of ZE Holdings Inc.



<Tokyo Head Office>
Kenkyusha Fujimi Bldg. 3F,
2-11-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0071

TEL 03-5275-6761
FAX 03-3556-7326